What is NacTogether?

NacTogether is the community-driven vision for the future of Nacogdoches, TX. It is a coordinated long-term planning effort that includes the Comprehensive Plan, Downtown Master Plan, and I-69 Corridor Study.

Project Goals

  • Identify the community’s values and formulate a vision as the outcomes of a robust community engagement strategy.
  • Align key elements of land use, mobility, parks, infrastructure, and environmental protection with an economic development focus.
  • Prepare functional and realistic implementation strategies to guide Nacogdoches into its future.

What is the Comprehensive Plan?

Comprehensive planning is a process by which the community assesses what it has, expresses what it wants, decides how to achieve its goals, then implements the steps identified to achieve these goals.

A Comprehensive Plan is a policy document that guides decision-making and administrative actions to direct the City toward the community’s preferred future. The plan will function as a blueprint to determine the community’s priorities for land use and other major plan elements by considering existing conditions, current trends, recent growth, and best practices.

What is the Downtown Plan?

Successful downtown master plans are visionary, implementation-driven, and provide a framework for sound decision-making related to public and private investments.

A downtown master plan aligns the community’s goals for urban design, land use, economic development incentives, infrastructure needs, and historic preservation. This methodology leads to redevelopment and revitalization recommendations that can evolve a small-town core into a true regional destination as the community grows and matures.

The vision and goals for downtown need to be clear with the support and buy-in from the community, City officials, and the private sector.

What is the I-69 Corridor Study?

A corridor study defines the relationship between a road and its adjacent land. It typically includes an analysis of existing and forecasted conditions along the particular corridor alignment.

Corridor studies also include the evaluation of access and mobility to consolidate access points and improve safety conditions. Recommendations to maximize associated infrastructure are typically provided, followed with an implementation plan prioritized by need.

We are so blessed to have a wonderful group of engaged citizens working together to create a plan for the future for Nacogdoches. It will be a plan that embraces and protects what makes us unique and gives us hopes and dreams for the future.

Mayor Jimmy Mize

Project Timeline


MAR - MAY 2022

Public Engagement

JUNE - NOV 2022

Analysis & Evaluation

AUG - NOV 2022


NOV 2022 - JAN 2023
See detailed timeline below

Implementation Plan

JAN - FEB 2023
See detailed timeline below

Report Writing

FEB - APR 2023
See detailed timeline below


APRIL 2023
See detailed timeline below

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